KENT Elegant Alkaline RO+UF+TDS Control+UV In-Tank+Alkaline (Pack of 1)

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  • Multiple purification by RO+UF+TDS Control+UV In-Tank+Alkaline which removes even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides & fluorides, and kills bacteria and viruses to make water 100% pure and alkaline, and suitable for drinking”
  • The Alkaline feature in this purifier enhances the pH of the purified water up to 9.5, and thus, provides alkaline and healthy drinking water”
    Alkaline water helps in reducing acidity, regulates body’s pH levels, boosts your immunity, and fortifies your health”; It reduces the oxygen reduction potential (ORP) and makes antioxidant alkaline water that tastes fresh and clean”
  • TDS control system allows adjustment of TDS level of purified water which retains essential natural minerals in drinking water
  • Included Components: Mineral Ro Water Purifier:1n, Pipe:2n,Connector:1n,Valve:1n,Warranty Card:1n

Brand: KENT
Special Feature: TDS Control, LED Indicator, Multiple Purification Process,
Product Dimensions: 34L x 26W x 50H Centimeters
Package Information: Pack
Power Source: Corded Electric
Country of Origin: India
Colour: ‎White, Blue

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 50 cm


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